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Kinder-3rd grade
4th-5th grade
Students are required to attend classes 2 days a week and are provided at home assignments to be completed under the guidance of patents.
Optional workshops are offered on a third day of a week and includes: Drama, Art studio, Robotics League, Business School and others on a rotational schedule.
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Online progress tracking
Monthly Progress Reports
End of Semester Report Cards
Monthly Field Trips

Full Program / Workshop Fee Schedule

2 day full day program:
$2995 / Full year or pay monthly $395/month for 7 months

$455 /subject /year or pay monthly $70/month for 7 months

Full day Workshops Only:
$1750/ semester or pay $260/month for 7 months

2 day per week full day program + all day workshops:
$4650/ year or pay monthly $650/ month for 7 months

A La Carte Classes (limited availability) :

Fall Semester : Aug 30 -Nov 19 Spring Semester : Jan 9 -Apr 28

Energy Corridor Classes: Tuesday & Thursday

Sugarland / Missouri City Classes: Monday & Wednesday

Enrichment Workshops are offered

Energy Corridor : Thursdays

Sugarland / Missouri City : Fridays

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